About Me

My Background

My bare foot childhood was mostly spent hunting dinosaurs, building sofa cushion forts, transforming robots, sending Barbie on archaeological treasure hunts, and swimming in the pool.  I pursued a degree from the University of Miami and taught elementary school until my babies arrived. Since then, I have been homeschooling two adventurous boys and two dynamic girls. I now leave the classroom teaching to my mathematically inclined hubby.

My Writing Roots

My inner child has never stopped craving good stories. Good stories fuel great imagination. The best stories of all time are told by the most Creative King of all time.

I have combined my passion for the Bible with my boys’ love of historical heroes and am writing a devotional book for them. A book which models what Godly heroes look like. I hope that one day they will  be heroic men that fiercely love the King of Kings.


My Style

Tiny black and white print accompanying cutesy cartoon characters will quickly lose the interest of boys.  I attempt to give my characters muscle, dirt, sweat, blood, and body odor. Biblical heroes were real people living in real cities who made real mistakes. Yet in spite of their flaws, these heroes were used and love by God. Just like us.