Covenant Friendship

as seen at I Samuel 18:1-7 On this day he looked more like a man than a boy. The gore of war had spattered and stained his person. Adrenaline […]


I have developed a superpower during this season of quarantine. In the past, my ordinary mom-level lectures usually resulted in eye rolling by my children. My children claim to zone […]

The Birds of Fleeb

Once upon a time, in a land known as Fleeb, a bunch of plump birds waddled under the trees. “Under the trees?” you’re forced to ask why. “Under the trees? […]

Building Little Pillars in the Faith Back in the day when my pigtails were tied with ribbons, when my knees were constantly brandishing scrapes and scabs, and when (according to my children) dinosaurs frolicked with […]

Flowers and Facelifts

(posted at I sometimes give myself pep-talks in the mirror. One conversation I’ve had with myself is, “You don’t need to be the prettiest face at the party ‘cause […]

The Gates of Eternity at the DMV

(As published at I recently had the delightful privilege of spending a beautiful summer day sitting at the local DMV office. Hours of endless lines. Lots of people packed into […]